Lay-By Period

All Lay-By Agreements run for a 3-month period. Unless otherwise agreed at the point of deposit. If the customer fails to maintain the instalments agreed by that period, the company reserves the right to cancel the agreement and place the item back out on display.


Payments may be made via credit card, cash and bank transfer upon request. Telephone payments can be made for all payments apart from the final payment which must be made in person. Upon receipt of each payment, an updated receipt of the amount paid and balance due will be issued.

Collection of goods

No goods can be removed from the store prior to all payments being received. No alterations for sizing, engraving etc. can be carried out prior to the final payment being received. Collection of the goods will be authorised with a copy of the original receipt. If this documentation has been lost please contact us as soon as possible for us to arrange a replacement, which will be issued with proof of identification.


All warranties will commence from the period in which the item is removed from our store, not from the lay-by start date.

Customer Cancellation of Lay-By Agreement

Customers have a 14-day cooling-off period after placing a deposit on an item for Lay-By. After this period, you are entitled to cancel the agreement within the lay-by period. A refund will be issued to you via the same method of payment originally paid. Less a termination fee:

1day- 14 days $0

14days to 3 months $30

3month + $50


Non-sale merchandise can only be returned for exchange or merchandise credit, within 7 days of purchase when accompanied by the original invoice.

Non-sale merchandise must be returned or exchanged at the showroom where merchandise was originally purchased Merchandise credits are not refundable for cash and will remain valid for a period of 6 months.

Altered or damaged merchandise will not be exchanged or refunded.

Sale merchandise cannot be returned or exchanged.

Customer Cancelation of Custom-Made item(s).

It is important to take care when choosing a Special Order, Custom Made item(s) or Service with Starfire Diamond Jewellery. If you decide to cancel the item due to change of mind Starfire Diamond Jewellery are not required to give you a refund so you must choose carefully.

Once you have been given the approval for an item to be ordered, a custom made piece to be made or a service to be conducted you must understand that this is a binding agreement and by ordering a special made piece, custom make or service you may not be entitled to a cancellation, if a cancellation has been approved by the discretion of Starfire Diamond Jewellery you will incur a "30%"  cancellation fee.

In the event that you wish to cancel a special order, custom make or service(s) you must contact Starfire Diamond Jewellery immediately as Starfire Diamond Jewellery will only cancel an order if the special order, custom make or service has not been started or a loss has not been incurred to Starfire Diamond Jewellery. In the case where a cancellation has been approved you will be charged a cancellation fee of "30%" the total order amount.

In the event that the special order, custom make or service has already been processed you are required to complete the transaction and pay the full amounts owing to Starfire Diamond Jewellery.

Company Cancellation of Lay-By Agreement

The Company is entitled to cancel the Lay-By agreement if the customer fails to meet the payment schedule agreed and applicable termination fees will apply.

The company also reserves the right to terminate the agreement if they are unable to supply the goods. No termination fees will apply in this case.

Further information on Your Rights

You can locate a full break down of your rights with regards to Lay-By on the following websites.