Engagement Ring Guide


Our bespoke service is entirely personal to you. Share your design ideas with us. We will work with you to create that dream piece.


Our jewellers will make a CAD design of the jewellery so you can see how it will look. At this stage, you can amend the design so it adjusts to what you imagined. You will receive a quote from our team, based on your design and budget.


Your jewellery piece is being made. All of our designs are made by hand with diamonds sourced led by your requirements, ensuring it's the perfect treasure to last a lifetime. You will receive your bespoke jewellery within three weeks from when you confirmed your order.

Which metals can I choose from?

18K Yellow/white GOLD

Gold in its pure form is very soft. We use 18k gold which is made from 75% pure gold and the other 25% is an alloy of other metals that strengthen and adjust the colour of the metal. This makes gold metal more durable and resistant to damage. White contains silver and palladium which give the metal a whiter colour, while rose gold contains more copper to produce a pink tone.


Platinum has always been valued for its purity, rarity and strength, making it one of the most precious metals. Its beautiful colour and elite looks make it an ideal choice for jewellery lovers.
Platinum has always been valued for its purity, rarity and strength. It’s beautiful colour makes it an ideal choice for jewellery lovers. Containing 95% platinum and only 5% other alloys, it can retain its bright colour compared to 18k white gold that needs to be routinely rhodium plated to maintain shine and brightness. Although this metal lends itself to fine detailing, it can be more susceptible to scratches than gold.

Mixed Metal

Create a ring using two or more metals. An example is to use a white gold setting under and around the diamond to keep a neutral colour, and to pair it with a yellow or rose gold band

Diamonds & Gemstones - Picking the Perfect Stone




Design Styles

At Starfire Diamond Jewellery, we are known for our carefully crafted bespoke engagement rings. Made to your personal specifications, we tailor make your ring to your unique design. To help you understand your preferences, get to know the existing design terms to describe popular styles to give you some ideas on where to start.


Shoulder Stones





Cathedral Style

Setting Styles - Encasing Your Stones

With a variety of setting styles available to secure your centre and accent stones, we outline the most popular styles and the differences between them.

Claw Setting

Microclaw Setting

Grain Setting

Channel Setting

Bezel Setting