Jewellery Care

Protecting your Jewellery

Take care to protect your jewellery from impact with hard objects as stones and metal can chip or become damaged. We recommend removing your jewellery when engaging in sport, housework, gardening, cleaning, gym activities, swimming or showering. These activities involve repetitive impact with surfaces and chemicals such as chlorine and bleach. Other things to avoid are hairspray, nail polish remover and excessive perspiration. As well as affecting the appearance, these activities may also shorten the life of your piece of jewellery.

Be careful with claw settings. If hit against a hard surface or snagged on clothing, the stones could loosen and fall out of the setting. Have your diamond settings checked every 6 months. This is to ensure that the diamonds in your jewellery piece stay securely in place and minimises the risk of them falling out unexpectedly from extensive wear. Store your jewellery in a box or protective pouch when not wearing to protect it from being scratched or damaged by other jewellery.

Diamonds and gemstones can become loose over time due to wear and tear. If you notice any movement of the stones, please place the item in a bag or box and bring it in to us as soon as is convenient.

Cleaning your Jewellery at Home

Annual Service

Starfire Diamond Jewellery offers lifetime care for you and your Starfire jewellery. Once you invest in a Starfire piece, you become part of the Starfire family. This includes a complimentary annual cleaning and inspection service for all our custom-made jewellery and signature designs. As part of the inspection, we can clean, polish and assess your piece for chips and dents. We recommend you bring your jewellery back to us for a professional appraisal and cleaning on an annual basis.


As with any other product, jewellery is susceptible to wear and tear, and therefore is likely to require maintenance. This can include polishing, rhodium plating, replacing lost diamonds or fixing claws that may have been worn thin. We provide quotes for any required repairs or maintenance if you bring your jewellery to our boutique.


The Starfire brand signifies the fiery brilliance of diamonds. Our guarantee for custom-made items that covers any defects caused during the workmanship or faulty materials. For full details please refer to our Terms and Conditions.