Kylie Jenner’s Baby Announcement – The Push Present

Kylie Jenner’s Baby Announcement



Kylie Jenner’s Baby announcement has today sent the media and social media world into frenzy.

The speculation has been ongoing for what seemed like most of 2017. Is she or isn’t she? When is she due? Will it be a Girl or a Boy?

Now the questions have been answered! Kylie herself has posted a very emotive YouTube video about her pregnancy journey and birth of her and Travis Scott’s baby Girl, on the 1st of February 2018.

Here at Starfire Diamond Jewellery we want to congratulate Kylie and Travis on their beautiful gift and special journey into parenthood.


The meaning of the Push Present

Pregnancy and Parenthood is something lots of us have or will experience in our lives. Believe me when I say it does not come easily and is not a simple process. Pregnancy puts such a strain on the female body, not to mention the hormones and emotions that come along with it.

When that bundle of joy is placed in your arms nothing compares!!  It becomes a time of celebration! A momentous occasion you will never forget and feelings you wish you could bottle up to remember as clear as the day it happens.


Most preserve the idea of a push present as a modern trend. It can in fact be dated back to the 1700s when women where gifted usually an item of jewellery from their partners in the delivery room to mark the occasion of their new arrival. This thoughtful gift would be an item of worth that would forever remind the mother of the special journey she had been through and the new life brought into the world.

Jewellery is used in many emotional occasions to represent and remind us of our journey through life. Engagement rings, wedding rings and push presents……. When looking down at these items they bring the thoughts and emotions of the moment in time back, each item tells a story. Your story!!

Why not make the occasion last a life time by surprising your partner with an item of jewellery that she will forever associate with the emotions she felt when that precious gift or new life entered the world.

We have the perfect range of items

From our unique and beautiful sapphire and diamond and ruby and diamond stacking rings,


To solitaire earrings or a diamond eternity band?


We also have our extremely talented jeweller who can hand create a personalised, unique item, individual to you both at this new point of your lives……

Congratulations to all our parents to be we look forward to seeing you in store soon



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