Diamond Jewellery Brisbane

Diamonds have come to represent the epitome of elegance, sophistication, style and refinement.

Our Brisbane diamond jewellery includes rings, bracelets and earrings that are handcrafted to emulate sophistication, elegance and modernity. Shweta, our jewellery designer, is an expert craftswoman – her talent, dedication and understanding of feminine qualities is obvious in every piece of jewellery in our range.

When you choose diamonds, you are choosing quality and elegance that will last a lifetime. From 1 carat diamonds to the highest quality diamonds you can find in the market, you can find it here. Diamonds are more than just jewellery – they are an investment, a statement and an assurance of quality.

If you have any questions about our range of diamond jewellery in Brisbane, please contact our friendly team today.


Our latest jewels are breathtaking and hypnotic as the allure of diamonds crafted in modern twists that wrap around your fingers hard to resist.


We have rings with just diamonds, diamonds and gems , bold and beautiful making a statement or intricate and elegant understated.  An extensive range of designs to capture your desires.


Timeless elegance enriched with high quality diamonds that are carefully selected to be a part of the design. If you love your wrists to be wrapped in diamonds then you will desire a Starfire bracelet or bangle. A perfect anniversary present for the love of your life. We have from classic to modern designs inspired form global trends.


Diamond earrings that are delicate and with movement is a perfect addition to your evening black tie event. Feel like royalty when you wear a Starfire Signature earring or a classic solitaire that is timeless. Our range promises you a perfect pair of earrings.


Our popular diamond necklaces in white, yellow and rose are a perfect gift for yourself or to any loved one. We have a range of symbols that are everlasting from infinity to hearts, to a circle, a great variety of symbols intricately created and attached to a 18ct gold chain.


Pendants that catch your eye and styles that sit perfectly on your decolletage. We have a stunning range from diamond encrusted pendants to gems set in gold. An array of designs to suit all tastes.


The lustre of pearls are nature’s beauty and our south sea pearl jewellery is pure classic elegance. Dazzling alongside of diamonds and alone, pearls allure you in with it’s purity.


In collaboration with the NK Foundation we are proud to share our exciting new collection of Italian leather and diamond bracelets that are not only unique and modern but also a premium designer bracelet. Designed specifically for Nick Kyrgios, the founder of Starfire, Shweta designed this collection of high end bracelets to contribute towards the worthy NK Foundation.


Cluster of diamonds that sparkle like stars together ~ we love this collection as it brings together diamonds of different shapes in different patterns to create the illusion of bigger diamonds and the impact of them together.


Modern designs that empower you creating a unique presence. If you love to stand out and be different this collection will inspire you to be one of a kind.


Classic designs that never lose its charisma with time. Simple lines and elegance which showcases treasured gems and diamonds.


We love the vibrancy of colours from different gemstones mixed with the sparkle of diamonds. Our range has a colourful mix if colour, sparkle and metal.


Our Starfire collection encompasses glamour and the symbol of stars from our star earrings to our star necklaces, star rings and infinity symbols.


Sheer luxury and the brilliance and beauty of diamonds exquisitely crafted in eye catching, statement jewels that creates a stir when worn out in the evening to a red carpet event or to even around the corner if you are bold enough to wear it during the day.

What makes Starfire Jewellery so Unique?

Each of our jewels capture and emit vibrant energy and light, the true essence of the earthly qualities of diamonds, stone and gemstones. Our owner and director Shweta hand selects each and every piece that enters our diamond showroom. The collection reflects the rich and vibrant culture of India and the natural beauty of Australia. Her extensive worldwide travel experiences and her natural flair for design and fashion are also incorporated in her creations.