Platinum Guide

Platinum has always been valued for its purity, rarity, and strength, making it one of the most precious metals. Its beautiful colour and elite looks make it an ideal choice for jewellery lovers.

Platinum vs. White Gold

Although they appear similar, platinum must never be mistaken for white gold. Not only do the two differ in strength but also in colour and lustre. White gold is produced when yellow gold is alloyed; whereas platinum is naturally white in colour. Therefore, the sheen of platinum in actuality is whiter than white gold.


Compared to gold, platinum is five times rarer and purer when used in jewellery. For instance, gold must contain 41% of pure gold or it won’t be considered pure gold, whereas to be considered as Platinum, the metal must contain at least 90% of pure platinum. ‘950 Plat’ or ‘900 Plat’ stamped on our platinum jewellery is important for our quality guarantee.

Platinium Care

Platinum is known not to tarnish easily. It ages beautifully by developing a lustrous patina- a lustre that develops on the surface of the platinum due to daily wear and tiny scratches. Platinum jewellery is very easy to care for. Soak your platinum jewellery in a mild solution of soap water and softly remove the dirt using a soft brush.