Diamond Color

Diamond Colour

Diamonds come in a vast range of natural colours and each is unique and mesmerising. To grade diamond colour, there is a scale to follow to find the Whitest diamonds in the world.

The diamond colour alphabet begins at ‘D’ and runs to ‘Z’ from completely colourless to diamonds with a warm yellow tone. The human eye is naturally more attracted to whiter diamonds; these are more rare and valuable.

Types of Colours

Most diamonds sold in the retail trade run from near colourless to slightly yellow or brown. Diamonds are also found in a variety of other colours such as black, grey, blue, green, yellow, brown, orange, pink and the rarest of all, red. Diamonds with distinct tints other than the normal colours are classified as Fancy colours. 

Fluorescence of a Diamond

Fluorescence is the property which is seen in some diamonds when they are exposed to ultraviolet light. It causes diamonds to usually shine blue but can present itself as yellow or other colours also. It is not an ideal quality in a diamond however if it is faint it can make the apparent colour of the diamond slightly brighter. 

GIA Colour Grading

Diamonds are graded on a colour scale established by the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA) which ranges from D (colourless) to Z. The GIA grades diamonds in the following colour scale:


  • D, E, F: Colourless
  • G, H, I, J: Near Colourless
  • K, L, M: Faint Yellow or Faint Brown
  • N, O, P, Q, R: Very Light Yellow or Very Light Brown
  • S to Z:  Light Yellow or Light Brown

Starfire Diamond Jewellery Ideal Colour Grade

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