Art of Craftmanship


Art of craftsmanship

We are very passionate with our jewellery creations, whether it is a tailored design or one that was created by our talented design team we ensure that we surpass our customer’s expectations and create a masterpiece.

The Starfire jewellers are the finest and most talented in Brisbane with over 40 years’ experience in jewellery making there is nothing we cannot create and produce. Your imagination is limitless with our team of designers.

We not only love the design process but are very hands on in ensuring that each jewel we create is perfect and our clients can be a part of this process with us.

The journey in bespoke jewellery from design stage to manufacture is usually a 3-step process.

Step 1:   The first step is the consultation with a Starfire expert where we sit and gather all the information from our client. 

Step 2: The second meeting usually incorporates viewing of stones i.e. diamonds or any gemstones that will be a part of the piece of jewellery being created. 

 Step 3: Finally, after the approval of the final design with the approved diamonds and gemstones the jewel is sent for production.

We want every client of ours to have a unique experience with us. One they will always remember and treasure for life as being a happy and exciting time with Starfire.