Redmond tells all …. “I wanted to have a custom-made ring for Karla as I wanted it to be unique and one of a kind. The design came about from a combination of individual characteristics that I knew Karla appreciated in other pieces of jewellery. She also loves sparkly things, as she says, ‘sparkles are for every occasion’. Finally, it was important to me that the ring be of the highest quality, both in the characteristic of the diamond and craftmanship. I contacted Starfire to arrange a meeting to discuss the creation of my proposed design. Upon meeting Jeni and Shweta, I was extremely pleasedRead More →

Phillip tells all …. Before shopping for my fiancée’s engagement ring, I had in mind to get something classy, elegant and fairly simple. She hadn’t given me too many hints about what style of ring she’d like, but I knew she wasn’t a huge fan of bling, so I didn’t want to get anything too ‘busy’.  I did a little research online firstly to see what styles were out there. I also went to a few stores as well, but nothing really stood out. I came across Starfire by chance while driving along Oxford St, so I decided to stop and check out what wasRead More →

Lachlan and Tilly’s Engagement story began back in June when Lachlan booked an appointment with Shweta (Starfire’s Owner and founder) at Our Starfire Diamond Jewellery Boutique on Oxford Street, Bulimba. Tilly had a number of Starfire pieces in her jewellery collection already and Lachlan decided to use that as inspiration for her engagement ring style. Lachlan had an idea of a certain design he had in mind for Tilly and after a discussion about his future fiancé and running through a few options with Shweta, she set to work at sourcing the perfect elements of Tilly’s soon to be Engagement ring. Lachlan’s second appointment wasRead More →

Charlie and Donna’s Proposal Story  Donna tells all …. “I was proposed to on Mother’s Day 2017.  Charlie gave me my Mother’s Day card and a gift which I opened with him and Pippa (who was one month old at the time).  I was in her nursery expressing at the time and came in with Pippa. This is the wording of the card “To my mummy on Mother’s Day I’m so lucky to have a mum as amazing as you. Dads told me how you make every day special and how he loves you so much. You’ve showed him how to be truly happy andRead More →

This love story begins with the lovely couple Stephanie and Barry, who decided that they wanted to set their love in stone with the help of Starfire Diamond Jewellery. Shweta, Starfire’s Owner/Director assisted the soon to be engaged couple to find a perfectly stunning 2.01ct Round Brilliant Diamond, and a custom made design to capture its brilliance. This beautiful stone was sourced directly from our diamond wholesale business and was chosen by Stephanie and Barry out of three stunning possibilities, they just knew as soon as they saw it. Once the diamond was chosen, and the design was finalized what better way to celebrate than with a glassRead More →

Kylie Jenner’s Baby Announcement     Kylie Jenner’s Baby announcement has today sent the media and social media world into frenzy. The speculation has been ongoing for what seemed like most of 2017. Is she or isn’t she? When is she due? Will it be a Girl or a Boy? Now the questions have been answered! Kylie herself has posted a very emotive YouTube video about her pregnancy journey and birth of her and Travis Scott’s baby Girl, on the 1st of February 2018. Here at Starfire Diamond Jewellery we want to congratulate Kylie and Travis on their beautiful gift and special journey into parenthood.Read More →

THE 5 Cs   The five basic rules that determine a diamond’s value are known as the 5Cs. Cut, Colour, Clarity, Carat and Certification are universal throughout the diamond world and we take them very seriously. But what do these words actually mean? How can they help you choose the perfect Diamond? Cut It takes a painstaking amount of work, to make diamonds as beautiful as you’ll see in their polished life, as they start out as an uneven natural state called a ‘rough.’ Every other aspect of the 5C’s is an act of nature; however, the cut is the only part of diamond creationRead More →

Step 1: Choose Your Diamond This is the first and MOST IMPORTANT step when creating a stunning engagement ring. Your diamond/s are the focal point of the ring and hold the most value, so whether you choose a single solitaire, trilogy or halo they all need to be of great quality and brilliance. In your first consultation, our diamond specialists will sit with you and discuss all of your options. Being in the diamond industry for over 20 years means we have all of the knowledge and experience to assist you in capturing your lovers heart. From there our specialists will hand select 3 diamondsRead More →

Where did your love story begin? …….. Every couple has their own story, one which is special to them that no one else has. A Unique connection that is individual in every way. The way you celebrate that love should be no different.  Here at Starfire Diamond Jewellery we want to help you find the perfect representation of that love and special bond. What better way to do so than by letting us help you find a diamond to suit you both and your story. Diamonds are beautiful and strong, minerals formed by the wonderful earth we live on; most diamonds are over a billionRead More →